The ability badge timings allow swimmers to set individual targets to achieve an ASA recognised time for a specific distance. The ability times cover the 4 main strokes and the 4 x 1 Individual Medley. Once a swimmer has achieved either a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum time they can purchase an award badge from the Club Secretary.

Bronze Silver Gold
  25m 50m
BACKSTROKE 0.24.70 0.47.50 0.43.00
BREASTSTROKE 0.27.20 0.52.70 0.48.00
BUTTERFLY 0.23.20 0.45.70 0.41.50
FRONTCRAWL 0.21.00 0.41.00 0.37.20
Bronze Silver Gold
IM 100 1.58.60 1.43.60 1.34.10
  Bronze Silver Gold  Platinum
FREESTYLE 200 3.49.90 3.20.80 3.02.40  2.49.20

Further to the table above, Swim England have further times to achieve for all strokes/distances/courses
Times required for the Competitive Swimming Performance Awards