Moors League Championships 2022 – 1st October 2022

The 2022 Moors League championships will be based on the 2017 series due to the time availability for hire at Redcar Leisure Centre. The competition will take place on Saturday 1st October 2022 with a 2pm Warm Up at Redcar Leisure Centre.

Event Schedule

Event Number 1 – Boys 8/9/10 25m Freestyle
Event Number 2 – Girls 8/9/10 25m backstroke
Event Number 3 – Boys 11 years/Over 50m Breaststroke
Event Number 4 – Girls 11 years/Over 50m Butterfly
Event Number 5 – Boys 8/9/10 25m Breaststroke
Event Number 6 – Girls 8/9/10 25m Butterfly
Event Number 7 – Boys 11 years & Over 50m backstroke
Event Number 8 – Girls 11 years & Over 50m Freestyle
Event Number 9 – Boys 8/9/10 25m backstroke
Event Number 10 – Girls 8/9/10 25m Freestyle
Event Number 11 – Boys 11 years & Over 50m Butterfly
Event Number 12 – Girls 11 years & Over 50m Breaststroke
Event Number 13 -Boys 8/9/10 25m Butterfly
Event Number 14 – Girls 8/9/10 25m Breaststroke
Event Number 15 – Boys 11 years & Over 50m Freestyle
Event Number 16 – Girls 11 years & over 50m Backstroke

Meet Conditions

  • Meet to be held at Redcar Leisure Centre – the Pool length is 25m, 6 lanes with anti-turbulent lane ropes
  • Electronic timing to be used. COLORADO timing system in operation. Full AOE for 50m,100m and 200m Events Semi-AOE for 25m Events
    • Complete with external strobe for hearing impaired swimmers upon request
  • Event eligibility
    • 8years, 25m all strokes, 100m IM please note any swimmer accepted must have been ratified by the relevant club coach for each event, should this be found not to have occurred the swimmer shall be disqualified from all events and invalidated from all presentations.
    • 9/10 years, 25m all strokes, 100m IM,
    • 11/12 years 50m all strokes, 100m IM,
    • 13/14 years 50m all strokes, 100m IM,
    • 15/16 years 50m all strokes, 100m IM,
    • 17 years and over (Open) 50m all strokes, 100m IM,
  • All events are HDW
  • Presentations are for the top 3 in each age group
  • Ages are as at 31st December 2022
  • £5.00 per swimmer entry
  • Programme and parent entry £3.50 (includes processing fees)
  • Only members of the Moors Swim Squad can attend the gala. This includes members of Eston, Guisborough, Northallerton, Stokesley, and Saltburn & Marske swimming clubs
  • Heats will be seeded according to submitted times
  • Only those who have competed throughout the Moors League season are eligible to attend
  • Session Length will be 45mins warm up time. 3.5 hours Session Length
  • For safety reasons only swimmers who can perform an Swim England competitive start may perform a shallow racing dive from the starting blocks.
  • Anyone wishing to use photographic equipment within the pool area must register at the spectators’ desk beforehand
  • Where possible, over-the-top starts will be used during the meet. Swimmers are requested to remain in the water until asked to leave the pool
  • Any points not covered here will be at the discretion of the meet organisers

Live Results/Live Stream

Entry deadline for the competition is Monday 26th September. After this date, any additional entries may not be accepted. Entry checking and live results will be available.

It is our intention to live stream the event – this will be a closed link on YouTube – please advise members.

Ticket Sale Information

Tickets are not currently available for this meet. Spectators can purchase tickets from Sunday 11th September August 2022 @ 9.30pm. Ticket sales will close Saturday 1st October 2022.

Following feedback from previous competitions, spectator admission tickets will continue to be limited. Tickets for this meet are being sold ‘first come, first served’

Please ensure that evidence of purchasing a ticket is brought to the event.

Spectator Admission Form – MSS Champs 2022 – Moors Swim Squad

Meet Entry Files

Entry file is attached – only SPORTSYS entries will be accepted.

MI22_EntryData ver2